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How I Can Help You with Words

Copywriting Services

Bayer Enterprises works with you to identify your goals and objectives and then create copy that communicates effectively and efficiently in your voice.  This writing is powerful as it stimulates interest in your brand and persuades potential clients to connect with you, while retaining existing customers.  It also takes complex materials and presents them in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand and relatable.  It doesn’t just sound like a generic version of your profession but is a reflection of you and what sets you apart.  There’s a psychology to marketing and it all begins with the words you use.  Are you ready to put your vision into powerful words?

Professional Editing

Whether you struggle with words or you’re a great and proficient writer, editing is extremely powerful to build your business.  By editing existing content, to ensure its grammatically correct, concise and up to date, you are in fact strengthening your brand and its message.  In marketing, we’re pitching our services to promote our business and increase revenue.  But often, we can become an endless stream of words.  Words are powerful.  When you have few words, it can hinder growth.  But too many words can overwhelm and confuse.  At Bayer Enterprises, I edit your existing content to create a more powerful and elevated brand.  One that doesn’t give away your entire strategy.  I use less words to entice potential clients to connect with you.  Words are important, but fewer words are powerful.  Contact Bayer Enterprises today for your FREE consultation and review!

Creative Writing

Do you have thoughts to write a book, but can’t seem to find the time to accomplish it?  Do you have a message you want to share, but no time to create the content?  Do you need a blog, script, speech, or other writing, but you consistently put it off?  Creative writing is powerful and it takes time.  It’s storytelling that connects you with a wider audience.  It’s an artform that is crafted with emotion, depth, and experience.  Bayer Enterprises offers ghostwriting and creative writing design to capture your story and share your experiences with the world.  Don’t put your words off any longer.  Let Bayer Enterprises share your thoughts and passion in your voice.  Your words deserve to be read, now is the time to write them.

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a difficult position to hire.  It requires passion, trust, knowledge, understanding of your vision and drive.  You are looking for someone who can effectively capture the essence of your brand and passionately communicate it with others.  Here at Bayer Enterprises, your passion and love for your business becomes the heart of ours.  We are your part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) creating taglines, PowerPoint presentations, marketing guidance, brand elevation and effective strategies.  Your business is the quintessential part of you and now you have someone you can trust to communicate your vision and build your brand.  Contact Bayer Enterprises today and schedule your free consultation!

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Expand Your Sales, Marketing, & Networking Reach

Marketing is crucial to your business and your profit margin.  At Bayer Enterprises, I believe that marketing is the foundation of a solid, strong business.  It creates brand awareness, drives profit, promotes growth, attracts and retains clients and produces business longevity.  But a key to effective marketing is a basic concept.  Your marketing is about your client, not you.  It’s learning to use language combined with the power of silence to understand your clients and improve their lives.  When weaved together with a powerful sales force and robust networking, you will see the growth and achievement that you desire.  Let Bayer Enterprises expand your sales, marketing and networking reach today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is producing original content to promote a business, product or service.  It is persuasive writing intended to clearly articulate a goal and attract clients through the tone and voice of the business owner/professional.

What kind of content is right for me?

Every project is unique.  Bayer Enterprises utilizes an exclusive approach to evaluate your business, rate your existing marketing strategy and build solutions.  These are designed to attract and retain clients and increase revenue.  Contact Bayer Enterprises today for your free consultation!

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is producing content for another individual, who publishes the content under their name.  A ghostwriter writes work that is credited to another person as the original author.

What is editing?

Editing is the process of revising content through reorganization, grammar, presentation, and size.  It is designed to present the idea as clearly and concisely as possible, so that your audience can better understand your message.

Do you offer on-going marketing services?

At Bayer Enterprises, I don’t believe that marketing is a one-time occurrence.  Strong marketing strategies require repeat content that is current, relevant and attractive.  I offer on-going marketing services that meet the specific needs of the client.

Do you work with start-ups, established businesses, or both?

At Bayer Enterprises, I work with any business or individual that is ready to put their vision into words and elevate their marketing approach.  I can work with start-ups and help them establish their marketing approach.  Conversely, I can work alongside existing marketing teams to refine their methodology and create a more uniform, consistent and effective strategy.

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