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Bayer Enterprises is a full service copywrite and marketing company.  I design strategies and create content that authentically you by tapping into your emotions and weaving a powerful story.  People buy people, not products.  They work with you when they feel connected to you and your vision.  We each have all the content inside of us, but often, the struggle is how to express it.  I’m your guide to building an effective brand.  Let Bayer Enterprises put your vision into words.

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Dr. Elizabeth Bayer, PhD

Hi!  My name is Dr. Elizabeth Bayer and I’m here to create your legacy through words and ensure those words are remembered.  I have over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development.  I have successfully built multiple small businesses from the ground up based on the principles of strong networking relationships, integrity, and authenticity.  People do business with people they like, and I have mastered the art of understanding human nature and connecting with people.  I am a Doctor of Philosophy with a PhD in Environmental law and hold a BS in Environmental Science, Environmental Biology and Earth Science.

In my free time, when I’m not writing or running my other businesses, I can be found binge watching True Crime documentaries on Netflix, spending time with my beautiful daughter and exploring the beach.  The ocean is my happy place.  I also enjoy discovering new food spots, reading, movies and making memories.  My motto is “Life is short, make memories where you can and communicate clearly because words are precious.  Don’t just live, be alive.”

Dr. Liz took my ideas and helped me turn my vision into compelling words that enhance my brand.  Clients now truly understand what I do and how it will benefit them.

“Working with Dr. Liz Bayer of Bayer Enterprises has been an eye-opening experience! She is able to create dynamic content within our marketing materials that is more powerful than we could ever hope to create ourselves.. It is amazing how she is able to pick up on nuances that make a real difference in the words used to represent my company TEAM Referral Network. Combined with her marketing strategies, she is an expert in her industry.. I highly recommend every business owner connect with her and utilize her skills to increase leads into your funnel. She’s the best!”

—Kelli Holmes CEO, TEAM Referral Network

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Why Work with Dr. Liz?

Dr. Liz has an extensive background in writing, editing, marketing strategies and business development tactics.  She is also an expert in communication and can work across any industry to connect businesses with clients/customers to facilitate growth.  What makes her unique as a writer and professional marketer is her ability to become an extension of you.  Your business is the essence of you and Dr. Liz learns all the facets of what makes you unique and writes in your voice, with your passion, to connect you with your client base.  Dr. Liz elevates your marketing presence through powerful words and uses these words to connect you with clients.  People do business with people they like, and Dr. Liz creates an authentic connection between you and your clients.  Words are powerful and yours should be remembered.  Build your marketing brand today!

Touchstone Crystal

Southern California Distributor

Senior Director and Independent Contractor

When she’s not writing powerful words, Dr. Liz is running her Touchstone Crystal business.  As a Senior Director and independent contractor with Touchstone Crystal, a division of Swarovski Crystal, Dr. Liz facilitates sales and team building.  Her organization is Crystal Inferno, which is composed of independent contractors across the US.  She sells and promotes beautiful high-end fashion jewelry that is part of the Swarovski family.  She believes that all women deserve to shine and is here to elevate your confidence and energy through beautiful and elegant jewelry.

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