Putting Ideas into Words

Words Are Powerful and Yours Should be Remembered!

Your written content is your legacy to the world.  Hi, my name is Dr. Liz Bayer and I create content and marketing strategies to increase leads into your funnel, build new client relationships and retain existing customers.  Your words deserve to be heard!

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Copywriting and the Power of Words!

Content is important, because it explains what you do, why you do it and how you’re different.  Words are powerful.  Too few words can hinder growth, yet too many words can overwhelm.  Captivating and succinct copywriting can grow your business substantially.  Through Bayer Enterprises, I craft copy and create content using the power of your words and your voice.  Are you ready to use effective words to share your vision with the world?

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Editing Your Message Strengthens Your Brand!

Editing your existing content is an effective means to strengthen your brand.  In marketing we are pitching our services to promote our business.  But often we write and speak with a stream of consciousness that overwhelms and dilutes our message.  This can prevent us from closing the deal.  At Bayer Enterprises, I edit your existing content to create a more powerful message.  They’re your words and they deserve to be remembered!  Contact me today for your FREE consultation and review!

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Creative Writing is Your Poetry to the World!

Creative writing is like storytelling.  It’s an artform and to be effective, it must be crafted with emotion and depth.  Creative writing often overlaps between your business world and your personal existence.  Through Bayer Enterprises, I offer ghostwriting and creative writing design to capture your story and share it with the world.  From novels to short stories to workbooks to training manuals, let me share your passion and thoughts in your voice.  Your story can impact the world.  Let your words be heard!

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Powerful Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business!

It’s difficult to hire marketing.  You need somebody who has the same level of passion for your business, can capture the very essence of your brand and effectively communicate it.  Bayer Enterprises is your part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  I devise strategies that strengthen your brand, thereby attracting clients and growing your bottom line.  Your business is the quintessential part of you and now you have someone you can trust with that vision.

My Approach To Writing

My Approach To Writing

At Bayer Enterprises, your passion and love for your business is the very essence and heart of mine.  I assimilate myself into your business, I learn your voice and your tone.  I dive deeper and learn what drives you and what is at the heart of your aspirations.  And I take this knowledge and weave it together to form the content that I create for you.  By exploring your unique talents, I help you to express them with words that build trust and relationships. 

Although I take a similar approach to every client, every project is unique.  Like the notes in a melody, I let the words guide me and flow together to elevate your brand, communicate your message and grow your business.  All while sounding like you.  Afterall, words are powerful and yours should be remembered.  Let Bayer Enterprises put your vision into words!

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